A subscription to Zoo School is a must have for nursery and primary schools who want to offer fun, adaptive learning in developing children’s understanding of the natural world.

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Key Features

Teaching looking at student reports
Built for Early Years, Reception & KS1

Specifically designed for Early Years Foundation, Reception and KS1. All content is linked to curriculum standards.

Teacher using Zoo School to present a mix and match picture game to class
Build Your Own Lessons

Create, teach and review learning using a library of 80+ assets and lesson planning tools with more added weekly. Each asset is 5 or 10 minutes long. 26 ready-made lessons are included.

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In-Class Learning

Directly deliver lessons, or use as an excellent option for self-guided, interactive screen time as part of classroom rotation activities.

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Track Pupils’ Progress

Kidsloop collects linguistic, cognitive and behavioural data and uses unique machine learning algorithms to guide learners down a personalised learning journey.

Zoo School Teacher Content library

Create your own content

Create ‘drag and drop’ activities, ‘mix and match’ games, ‘fill in the blanks’ sheets, word searches and many more using Zoo School’s content creation tools – all of which can be completed online and marked automatically!

Resources can be created to meet your own learning goals or to meet learning objectives from the English National Curriculum and Early Years Framework which are preloaded into the system.

Interactive lessons

Zoo School is the perfect platform for delivering interactive online lessons or producing interactive content for classroom whiteboards. It contains 26 curriculum-linked lessons introducing children to the animals in Badanamu’s Zoo, including sea lions, tigers, meerkats and penguins.

These lessons are ideal for EYFS students (KS1 coming soon!) and cover subject links such as Communication & Language, Literacy & Knowledge and Understanding the World. You can also use over 200 existing resources to create your own lessons on topics such as camouflage, habitats and identifying different animals!

Teacher presenting a mix and match animal fact game on Zoo School

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