Me and zoo, we’re good for each other!

We’re partnering with companies who want to help children learn the vital lessons of wildlife conservation. Get in touch and get involved to make a difference with our “Sponsor a School” programme!

Somali Wild Ass

Sir David Attenborough –

“Nature once determined how we survive, now we determine how nature survives”

How can you help?

Jess looking through a magnifying glass
Laptops for learning

Give a school of your choice 10 laptops/tablets for Zoo School to help educate the future generation!

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Zoo School subscription

Give a school of your choice a Zoo School subscription and help bring conservation to the classroom.

Professor Pip
Zoom with the Zoo

For every business, organisation or independent school who partners with ZSEA for Zoo School we’re offering a special Zoom with the Zoo!

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ESG partner

We’re here to partner you in support of your environmental, social and governance responsibilities. We’ll help you showcase your caring credentials.

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