Join 'BADA' Club - Bada's animal discovery academy!

Bada Club is a new home learning club for children aged 3 – 8 who have a passion for wildlife and nature!

Budding Sir David Attenboroughs will discover new animals and take part in fun activities introduced each week by ZSEA’s experienced educators via the KidsLoop platform.

With Bada Club you can...

What is Bada Club?

Bada jumping for joy

Crafted For Kids

Especially created for children aged 3 – 8 years old. They will have lots of fun whilst learning in small groups of up to 12:

We can also tailor for special educational needs.

Professor Pip

Fun & Educational

This weekly 20 minute club is delivered ‘live’ online via the KidsLoop interactive platform by ZSEA’s Education Team.

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Curriculum Learning

Different animals and nature themes each week, all curriculum linked.

Learn literacy, numeracy and science including habitats, life stages, herbivores and carnivores.

Group of 3D animated meerkats

Blended Learning

Sign up to Bada Club and you’ll be granted FREE entry into the zoo for our annual “Bada Club Summer Party!”.

Little ones will enjoy plenty of Badanamu themed fun activities, including a chance to meet Bada himself!

How does Bada Club work?


1. Sign up to a course or the Bada Club 'Full Package'!

Bada Club has 5 short courses that have been expertly crafted by our Education Team.

Complete each course to earn the title of Bada Club “Junior Zookeeper” plus a range of rewards!


2. Select Your Start Day/Time

Select the weekly slot that suits your schedule best and stay with that group to make new friends!

One child per membership please.


3. JOIN YOUR Weekly Club

Each course includes 8 x 20 minute lessons, taught over 8 weeks by ZSEA’s Education Team.

Accessible anywhere using a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


4. Become a 'Junior Zookeeper'

Children who complete all 5 courses will become a ‘Junior Zookeeper’ and will be granted FREE entry into either zoo to attend our annual ‘Bada Club Graduation Day’ (PLUS the rest of the family can enter for 50% off!*)

*A Bada Club member can bring up to 4 family members for 50% off into either Banham Zoo or Africa Alive on selected dates for the annual “Bada Club Summer Party” and the “Bada Club Graduation Day”. No alternatives will be given.



8 Live Lessons

8 live and interactive 20 minute lessons hosted by our education experts taught over 8 weeks

Bada Summer Party FREE Entry

FREE entry for the Bada Club member & half price entry for up to 4 family members to our 2021 "Bada Summer Party" event!

A Personalised Certificate

A personalised certificate when you complete the course

Bada Club Course 1 - Meet The Family

Course 1 - "Meet the Family"


Discover topics such as “What is an Animal?”, basic classification and an introduction to mammals, birds, reptiles and invertebrates – with a chance to meet some of these animals too!

Bada Club - Full Package

Bada Club - FUll PAckage


The full package includes all 5 courses forming a total of 40 lessons. 

Children who complete the full course will become a “Junior Zookeeper” and will be gain FREE entry into either zoo to attend a graduation day and our annual Bada Summer Party!

Bada Club Course 2 - Dinnertime!

Course 2 - "Dinnertime"


Find out all about dinnertime in the Animal Kingdom! – This module looks at herbivores, carnivores, omnivores and also how we eat and digest our food.

Bada Club Course 3 - Where Do I Live?

Course 3 - "Where do I live?"


Find out about the different habitats all over the world – with a chance to meet animals from rainforests, deserts, polar regions and the oceans.

Bada Club Course 4 - Animal Actions

Course 4 - "Animal Actions"


How do animals move? Why are they different colours? Which animals come out at night – find out the answers to these and many more animal questions, with the chance to see some amazing animal behaviour up close!

Bada Club Course 5 - Junior Zookeeper



Now it’s time to put all your knowledge into play and earn your Junior Zookeeper Award – find out how we look after animals in the zoo, how to protect wildlife and meet some amazing endangered species!

Try a FREE BADA CLUB Introduction Lesson!

Fill out the form below and we’ll send you a link to a small 20 minute Bada Club introduction lesson! However, unlike the full Bada Club experience, this will be pre-recorded so you can complete it at any time!