Project Sealion

Project Sea lion

Project Sea lion started in 2016 and aims to bring a new Sea lion enclosure to Banham Zoo in Norfolk. The project build is well underway but is due to cost well over £500k.

The project moves forward the standards of care offered to Sea lions, by offering an enclosure that goes beyond the extensive standards expected. The enclosure is deeper and bigger than the one that came before. It will also now be a salt water enclosure, meaning that the Sea Lions in our care will be living in conditions similar to those in the wild. Because of this, the Zoological Society of East Anglia has to fund pumping systems that can cope with salt water. These alone make us £250k of the overall project cost.

The purpose of the enclosure is to allow the society to build awareness of the sea and how humans can help protect and preserve wildlife in our oceans. With millions of tons of plastic floating in our seas and problems caused by man, such as overfishing and pollution we hope that the talks and displays focused around the enclosure will bring the story of the sea to life to those who haven't necessarily considered their own personal impact before.

Any income we raise for this project will allow us to invest in this experience further, to ensure that it is a beacon of information and inspiration when it comes to protecting our environment.